About us

Based just outside Montreal, Canada, 5tyle Furniture is an exciting young furniture B2B supplier of high quality solid wood furniture. We ship throughout Canada. 5tyle Furniture prides itself in providing exquisite furniture at the most competitive wholesale rates in the industry today.

The company has partnered with select manufactures throughout the word enabling it to bring unique designs inspired by cultures across the globe and creating an eclectic cocktail of international style, hence from where the derives its source.

Products are made from solid hardwoods including ranges in Oak, Teak, Mango, Acacia and Rosewood. We carry many lines in 100% reclaimed hardwoods, giving true one of a kind unique character to each piece.

The company policy is to produce and provide products that are environmentally responsible whilst providing cutting edge style for all types of home and office environments.

Montreal is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world and this sense of self-image cascades though from the people to architectural design and the furnishings that act as the ‘glue’ in this stylish equation we call home.

5tyle has an uncompromising approach to customer service in supplying furniture retailers and global marketing companies as we provide a customized service for ‘bespoke’ product lines that are customer specific.

Our ranges are constantly changing, with a focus on heritage designs that span the decades but with a re-invention that keeps them cutting edge in the style of today. 5style constantly keeps abreast of current trends in the marketplace but always provides a uniqueness that is so often desired but seldom found.

We are committed to business partnerships throughout the supply chain, as such, the company mantra is simple “ We aim to provide our wholesale customers with the best product at prices that make both our business prosper”



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